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Staff Photos


Principal and Student Services Coordinator: Mrs. Russell and Mrs. Schmid

Administrative Assistants: Mrs. Evak and Mrs. Kehl


Registered Nurse and Certified Nurse:  Mrs. Smart and Mrs. Fontanarosa 

LMC Director and LMC Assistant: Mrs. Cooley and Mrs. Gough 

Kindergarten Teachers: Mrs. Sullivan, Mrs. Golminas, and Mrs. Johnson

1st Grade Teachers: Mrs. South, Mrs. Ji, Mrs. Phillips-Toms, Dr. Walther, and Mrs. Retzler 

2nd Grade Teachers: Mrs. Ose, Mrs. Shreve, Mrs. Powell, and Mrs. Stanley

3rd Grade Teachers: Ms. Brueske, Mrs. Porter, and Mrs. Polk 


4th Grade Teachers: Mr. Miller, Mrs. Kroll, Mrs. Sobun-Pawlak, and Mr. Whyte  


5th Grade Teachers: Mrs. Stiles, Mrs. Garrity, Mrs. Rodriguez, Mrs. Duval, and Mrs. Avery-Scott


Specials Teachers: Ms. Hines (Music Teacher), Mr. Persson (P.E. Teacher), Mrs. Bushman (Art Teacher), and Mrs. Muno (Music Teacher)


(Picture Coming Soon) 

P.E. Teacher: Mr. Cemel  


(Picture Coming Soon) 

Adapted P.E. Teacher: Mr. Zuber 


 Student Support Team  

Brooks Staff
Bilingual Specialist and ELL Teacher: Mrs. Tamer and Mrs. Howard


Project Arrow Teacher: Mrs. Berendt 

Brooks Staff
Reading Specialists and Interventionist: Mrs. Opelt, Mrs. Born, Mrs. Lenc, Mrs. Stanik

Supported Education Teachers: Mrs. Irmick, Mrs. Blazer, and Mrs. Bechtle 


Related Service Providers: Mrs. Kloster (School Social Worker), Ms. Svitak (Speech and Language Pathologist, and Mrs. Walton (Physical Therapist)


Occupational Therapist: Mrs. Herner  


Teaching Assistants: Mrs. K., Mrs. Stewart, Mrs. M., Mrs. Thompson, Mrs. Archey, Mrs. P., Mrs. T., and Mrs. Kahn 

Brooks Staff
Head Custodian: Mr. Victor

Lunch Supervisors: Ms. B., Ms. Misun, Mrs. Patel, Ms. Ann, and Ms. Jen (Ms. Shaik missing from photo)


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